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Review: Longbourn by Jo Baker

Any devoted Jane Austen fan knows every facet of the Bennet household, or do they? We follow the Bennets from the moment Mrs. Bennet announces with euphoric enthusiasm the arrival of Mr. Bingley to the neighborhood, then transition to sticking with Elizabeth as she visits friends and relatives. We have an intimate view of Elizabeth’s […]

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Interview with Jo Baker

Today we are pleased to welcome Longbourn author Jo Baker. We asked her about her novel, Jane Austen, and writing. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a copy of Longbourn courtesy of Alfred A. Knopf, Publisher. Twelve (12) lucky US winners will be chosen! What drew you to shift the perspective of PRIDE […]

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Vera Nazarian Part II: On Writing

Welcoming back Vera Nazarian, author of this month’s reading selection Pride & Platypus: Mr. Darcy’s Dreadful Secret, for part two of our interview.

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Vera Nazarian Part I: On Pride & Platypus

Today we welcome Vera Nazarian, author of this month’s reading selection Pride & Platypus: Mr. Darcy’s Dreadful Secret. We had the opportunity this time around to ask her even more questions, which we divided into two parts.

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Something Sweet

It has been quite dreary here in North Carolina where I am. We have had quite a bit of rain and more grey skies this summer than I can ever remember having before. In this gloom I have sought something to brighten it a bit, and what better to lighten the mood than a story […]

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When the Moon Doth Shine

The ladies of England have a difficult time finding husbands of adequate fortune and situation. Add to that the lunacy that takes the men once a month and now the ladies must contend with prejudices of the type of beast a man may become. How can love be expected to blossom in such circumstances? This […]

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A More Intimate View

One of my first concerns when watching a movie based on a book I have read is to worry what has been left out. No matter how faithfully adapted there are always some things that fall by the wayside in favor of the cinematic need to fit a grand story into something that can be […]

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Better Off In Trousers

If we were all being honest, I wonder what the actual percentage of women would be who ever thought even for a moment that it would be better to be a man? I’m sure age, maturity, and situation would be major factors in the outcome. For Alethea Darcy it is more than a passing thought. […]

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To Be Her For a Day

As an avid reader and a writer I tend to think of books as more than just a momentary entertainment. I love to read my favorite books over and over again. I want to memorize the best parts, dissect character motivations, and analyze every minutia of the plot. I want to imagine every little detail so […]

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March Winner

Thank you to all those who read with us, and entered for a chance to win in this month’s giveaway. Special thanks to Ulysses Press and Regina Jeffers for providing an autographed copy of The Disappearance of Georgian Darcy for the giveaway. Our winner is:   Erika   Congratulations!    Winner has been notified by email. We […]

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From Silly to Smart

In Jane Austen’s original work, Mr. Bennet bemoans his sad fate–the father to the silliest girls in Hertfordshire. Well, except for Lizzie. But I am not sure that is entirely fair. Obviously, there is no magic potion cure for Lydia’s stupidity(also, silly and stupid are not the same thing), but Mary and Kitty may not […]

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