Destination Sanditon

In the final year of her life, Jane Austen began writing the story we now call Sanditon. However, at the time she had given it the working title of The Brothers and she was not writing under the impression that it was going to be her last unfinished work. She completed only twelve chapters. The story begins with […]

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The Naming of a Creature

I missed the theater run and waited patiently. I watched other movies and read other books. I let it seemingly fade from my mind, but always I was waiting. Finally, streaming via Netflix I, Frankenstein.  When I had first heard of the movie I asked many questions about the creature and his story. Would it adhere […]

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DJABC 2015 Reading List

HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year, a new reading list! This year we are planning to mix it up and stray into our darker interests. We’ll be reading some novels, novellas, poetry, and even writing some flash fiction. While we continue to adore Jane Austen we will be exploring other authors who may or may […]

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The Gift of Discernment

Sometimes you know.  You just know.  Instinctively and naturally, you avoid certain people. It’s usually because of something they’ve done; some past act that makes you uncomfortable or something they’ve said (perhaps even in jest). Whatever the case, something just doesn’t sit quite right with you. They show up and instinctively an internal sensor goes […]

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How To Books by Austen Characters

Jane Austen has given us many memorable characters and the countless plays, TV series, movies, prequels, sequels, mash-ups, and spin-offs have added to their presence in our minds. These characters have become sex symbols, comic relief, and scandalous gossip fodder. But what if the characters where authors? What books would they write? Here are some […]

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Peculiar Language

While reading Hollow City this month — with all its peculiar language — I could not help but think of J. R. R. Tolkien’s work for several reasons:  the battle between good and evil (obviously), the talking animals, the invisibility of particular characters, and the fictitious — yet somehow acceptable – language. For instance: ymbryne:  […]

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A Bloody Tall Tale

To Henry Sturges: Vampire at Large, I have recently read Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith, in which documented your significant role in helping to train one of America’s greatest presidents to survive and slay vampires. I found it a compelling tale, a wonderful mix of verifiable facts and the before untold involvement of vampires in […]

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Elizabeth Bennet High Priestess

Of all the vagaries of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that I have read, most tend to remind me of a Choose Your Own Adventure story in that they pick a point in the original story from which to deviate. After that point the action and plot alter, but for the most part the characters continue to […]

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Sea Monster Tea Party Ideas

Dear Marianne Brandon, I have it upon great authority, or at least the recommendation of one Mr. John Willoughby, that you are the standard for all that a lady should be. As such I was wondering what you would advise for a Sea Monster Tea Party? My proposed menu would be the following: Clam chowder […]

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A Potentially Rewarding Read

Greetings Readers, This month we’ve been diving into Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters. We hope you’ve been reading with us, but if for some reason you have not we’d like to offer you an opportunity to win your very own copy with all the practical romance of Jane Austen […]

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The Alteration Hypothesis

Dear Mrs. Dashwood, My condolences on the recent loss of your husband, Mr. Henry Dashwood. I understand he was a loving husband and devoted father before being so horrendously devoured by a hammerhead shark. I apologize if this is indelicate, but I was wondering if you might be willing to meet with me to discuss […]

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